In today’s global context, the brand FARAH or (FARA) immediately brings to one’s mind a breed of young achievers in engineering, information technology, industry and research; it is because of its relentless efforts all these years in imparting quality education. The group’s various initiatives have given it the impetus to modernize itself, expand the existing and explore newer frontiers of knowledge. The management has been the driving force in churning out the best artisans in engineering, who are making their mark in world-class organizations right now.
The Founder and Chairman
The Chairman, Mr. Basha Mohiuddin is a Chartered Accountant and a Law graduate by educational qualification. He has a well established Accountancy firm which has been successfully serving its clients for over thirty years in the city of Hyderabad. Apart from the education and finance sectors, he also has interests in Construction, Consulting and Trading sectors. He is the director of a number of private and public limited companies. He is a trustee and honorary member of a number of charitable and religious trusts.
BASHA MOHIUDDIN, the founder and chairman in his words…
FARAH is leveraging its expertise and capability to bring up the Institute as one of the best in the region. The whole idea is to facilitate learning through initiating, exploring and experimenting in a conducive environment. FARAH was founded with a mission to promote excellence in the field of technical education and to provide quality training. Our campus is a rare blend of serene environ, well equipped infrastructure and a faculty enriched with technical knowledge. We Strive to give professional education a new perspective and Achieve perfection in all spheres. This gratifying ambience will nurture our students to be passionate about learning and to explore new realms of wisdom.
My solemn hope and earnest wish is that our diligent students shall bring honour and glory to our institution and be worthy citizens of our country. Let your days at FARAH be highly rewarding!