Faculty (ME)

They know the right path

Motivated teaching , dedicated and Enthusiastic approach and making full use of their rich experience make the faculty at Farah Group outstanding . The core team consists of highly qualified and experienced faculty members with Doctorates and postgraduates who are drawn from the Industry, leading institutions and practicing professionals. Their commitment and dedication together with a creative, imaginative and innovative approach makes learning inspiring and impressive. Student develop an emotional bond with the teachers that helps in comprehending empathy, reinforcing mutual trust and respect. To keep the teaches updated and live to the changing situations, they are encouraged to participate in workshop, seminars and conferences.
Chosen for their innovative and Effective teaching skills, they are ably Supported by top-of- the- line electronic Gadgets installed in all the classrooms. This Helps them to accurately execute the Institutions’ dynamic teaching learning Model and interpret unique curriculum Planned.

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E-mail: mech.hodvvit@gmail.com