Technical Fests

The Annual Inter College Cultural Festival Sanketika is the flagship cultural event held in the University. Students from all the constituent colleges of the University and also students from various campuses across the country participate in the festival. This is a carnival wherein students showcase their talents by participating in various competitions like Creative Writing, Classical Instrumental, Vocal and Dance, Pot Pourri, Cultural Parade, Light Music, Cartooning, Quiz, Painting, Collage, Debate, Extempore, Mime, Street Play, Rangoli, Mimicry, Western Dance / Music, Clay Modeling, Installation, Anthakshari, Fashion Show, Poetry, JAM, MAD ADS and Creative Dance.

The Tech Vikas fiesta celebrates the zenith of science, engineering and path-breaking technology in a landscape of greener tomorrow is coming to exhilarate and excite the young minds with a paragon opportunity to showcase their talent and evince their ideas which may lay the groundwork for the next cutting edge technology.