Campus Life

Farah Group believes that artistic curve is quintessential for students. Students are encouraged to form eclectic groups and clubs based on their areas of interest. Students are given the freedom to learn and cultivate the artistic curve as well. The groups get acclimatized with other colleges by frequent meets . It encourages students’ involvement in several co-curricular and extracurricular activities like: Group Discussions, Debating, Elocution, Seminars, Plays, Games, and Sports Meets, Quizzes, Cultural Meets and so on. These activities help them to enhance their communication skills, develop the right kind of attitude and outlook, and build on the leadership qualities, to instill composure even in pressure cooker situations.

Farah Group always has shown emphasis on the keeping the right part of your brain(creative side) in check , so it organizes a plethora of fun loving ,out of the box ,brain teasing activities throughout the year . The winners are encouraged with rewards for their performances.

There is a marvelous Literary Club which include, book or poem reading sessions by the guest authors and/or readers, discussions about various literature related activities, workshops / seminars on literature writing etc. The students are trained and supported by the professionals and faculty in the college for the events . Dr. Lakshmi Ramana and Dr.Prakash Rao, are to help students in various literary activities.

The annual event every year is a grand gala glittered with dancing, singing, laser shows,.etc. We invite great leaders and artisans as chief guests on the day . The Farah Group also organizes an educational and recreational tour for the students as a refreshing change from the hectic academic curriculums.

Having joined a professional course, you may face a number of situations that place several demands on you physically and psychologically. Certain times one tends to feel too stressed out. That is the time a Counselor can be of help. Talking to a Counselor would relieve your tensions and thus help you to get back to your feet again.

The Centre provides total privacy to students who need guidance and counseling. All matters discussed are kept strictly confidential.

Areas of Concern

  • Academics
  • Examination anxiety
  • Feeling of loneliness / depression
  • Interpersonal relations
  • Feeling of physical and mental stress
  • Career planning
  • Adjustment to the new environment.

If you need help from your counselor you can contact them on this number: