The research facilities offered by the Farah Group are of world class and adds a completely new dimension to research and innovation. All the new ideas and theories germinated are spawned into great ones.A world class and focussed Research Foundation has been formed to enrich the research development and to emanate the research to various fields of science and technology. A collaborated research project with IIT Hyderabad has been richly funded by almost 4 crores , it is based on creating a smart system with and online diagnostic system design with 16 parameters and develops a national level supply demand monitoring and controlling system.

Many more research projects are planned by the Department of Science and Technology and are waiting to be approved.

There are eclectic self funded research projects in Engineering and Masters field as well

Centers of Excellence:

The research centers epitomise excellence and the facilities are state of the art . All the students enjoy the freedom to explore and focus on the knowledge with a lot more specificity resulting in innovative and futuristic projects .The r research on combustion and emission analysis along with simulation and CFD analysis in LPG+ Hydrogen Performance, CNG + Hydrogen Dual Fuel Performance, Bio Gas + Carbondio Oxide + Diesel Performance, Bio Diesel + Diesel Performance and Acetylene + Diesel Performance was relentlessly done by the Ph.D scholars of the institution and with the sustaining support of the Engineering students as well.