Department of Computer Science

The prestigious Department of Computer Science and Engineering of Farah Group, has been in constant pursuit of excellence. To produce Best Quality Computer Science Professionals by imparting quality and systematic training with practical application experience and value education.To endure links with Industry through partnerships and collaborative developmental worksmanship.To attain self-sustainability and reach an epochal boundaries through Research and Development Activities.

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The impact of Computer Science and Information Technology in the current century is far more awe – inspiring than the industrial and technological revolution of early 19th century. India has emerged as a powerhouse of quality human resource and has achieved global recognition for the finest breed of computer science professionals. Farah Group visualizes a great role that these professionals could play in shaping the future of India and has laid emphasis in building one of the finest Computer Science and Information Technology Engineering departments in its institutions.The Farah Group faculty has evolved with a unique modus operandi and strives to go into the depths and fathom of the subject of computer science as a science, an art, an engineering discipline and primarily a creative human endeavour