Department of Electrical Engineering

The Department of Electrical Engineering is one of the renowned departments of the Farah Group. Established as one of the major departments of the Institute, since its inception.the Department of Electrical Engineering has been actively engaged in teaching and research in diversified fields of Electrical Engineering. With renowned faculty, the Department of Electrical Engineering offers undergraduate (B.Tech) at Farah Institute of Technology and Farah college of engineering as the 1st shift.

High Voltage Action

Electrical and Electronics Engineering is a field of engineering study, which binds the conventional Electrical Technology and modern Electronic Innovations. Farah Group aims to groom quality Electrical and Electronics Engineers with high-technical knowledge and a good practical base combined with leadership skills and decision-making capabilities in this ever-competitive world. The department is equipped with the latest infrastructure in Electrical and Electronics Engineering related programs. Faculty of the department is selected from the best in the academics, with vast experience in various specializations such as Control Systems, Electrical Machines, Non-Conventional Energy Sources, Power Systems, Power Electronics, and drives and controls